Monday 22 April 2024

12,000ft Tandem Skydive Queenstown 1:00 pm

0 places available

Tandem Skydive (not available on this departure)



Handicam Photo & Video Online

Meet at

35 Shotover Street, Queenstown

Why NZONE Skydive?

  • New Zealand’s First Tandem Skydive Operation
  • 30+ years of Tandem Skydive Experience
  • Over 350 000 Jumps
  • Queenstown Scenery
  • World Leading Skydive Facilities
  • NZ’s Best Photo/Video Pack

Booking Info

  • Skydiving is a weather dependent activity
  • Allow approximately 3.5 hours (subject to operating conditions)
  • Check in 10 minutes prior to trip time
  • Photo and video options available
  • Minimum age to skydive is 6yrs old. Minimum weight is 40kg. Minimum height is 120cm
  • Children 12yrs and under are only permitted to Skydive at 9,000ft
  • Weight surcharges may apply. Please refer to FAQ on our website.
  • Cancellation fees may apply if cancelled less than 4 working hours prior to Skydive